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Portrait of Belin in Postneocubismo, new artistic side created by him.
Made in 4 colors on basik paper 370 gr.
Dimensions 25 x 26 cm
Made in 4 colors on basik paper 370 gr
Dimensions 35 x 40 cm


Miguel Ángel Belinchón Bujes, most people know him like “Belin”. Born in Linares, Jaén (Spain) on 26th September 1979.

When he was a child he started to be creative at all time and in all areas. This attitude comes with him until he studies art in Jaén high shool (Spain).

After try this studies, he realized that he want to know more, so he started to be self-taught plastic artist, using libraries, museums, different books and multiple ways to get the right information to be the professional he always dreamt.

He started to work very hard painting in the street, he had a dream and he needed to do everything he could do to be the great artist he is now. Currently this artist has a big CV, people know him around the world because of his spray skills, making realism painting without using stencil, just his imagination. That shows the perseverance on his ideas, his art and his positive attitude to be better every day.

All his sculptures and painting have been displayed in museums, galleries and walls around Spain and different countries like America. He also has been painting for different marks like Dockers, Carhatt and Sephora and for known artist like “Kat von D “high voltage”” on LA, spanish football player, musician and models.

Belin describes this experience juxtaposition of styles “Post Neo Cubism”, in tribute to the work of Pablo Picasso at the origin of his creator’s turning point.


  • Individual exposition with the “AMORFOBIA” collection in the gallery Bejarano Cristobal de Linares (Jaén), Spain. (January 15 to February 17)
  • Mural in Malaga next to Flaxtl, for the Pimpi Solidarity Day 1; The Revolution of Love. (Feb. 28)
  • Solo exhibition at the “Hospital de Santiago” Ubeda (Jaen). (From March 31 until April 30)
  • Mural in “Mallorca Live Festival” (from 29 to 30 April)


  • Prize and delivering the flag of Andalusia, February 24 (Spain).
  • Display and book donation for the event “WE” (Spain).
  • Individual exhibition and mural gallery 44309 Dortmund (Germany)
  • Art Madrid 2014, with the gallery Fernando Latorre Madrid (Spain)
  • Expo Belin: of the Wall in Baton Rouge, Loussiana. (E.E.U.U.)
  • Edition of the book “Travels Belin,” Linares (Spain)
  • Mural for event PORT STREET ART, Tenerife (Spain).
  • Young Jaén Prize 2014, ORIGINALITY AS EXAMPLE (Spain).
  • Mural event “egoless” PUBLIC MUSEUM OF ART in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (USA).
  • Positive Jaén Prize in 2014 as the audience “COPE Jaén”, December 19, 2014 in Jaén (Spain).
  • Palo Spoon 2014 National Award, delivered January 17, 2015 in Jaén (Spain).


  • Mural for “The Municipal Institute of Youth” in Leon-Guanajuato, MEXICO.
  • Mural-in “Carranza Cultural Center” Mexico DF
  • Collective exhibition in “Caja Granada” Granada.
  • Exhibition on “STEP IN THE ARENA” in Eindhoven (Netherlands).
  • Mural at the Archaeological Center “CASTULO”. Linares (Spain)
  • Mural “Hidden Beauty” in Eindhoven (Netherlands).
  • Participation in Brabantsedag Heeze (Netherlands).
  • Exhibition at the Art Center “Vincentre” about different moods-Van Gogh-expo is 6 months. Neunen (Netherlands).
  • STROKE Urban Art Fair BERLIN (Germany).
  • Exhibition “Super Heroes in Crisis” Indoor ARCA, Mexico DF.
  • Art Basel Miami (Florida) United States.


  • Art Madrid 2015, with the gallery Fernando Latorre Madrid (Spain).
  • Group exhibition at the University of Fine Arts on March 23 is Granada (Spain).
  • Speech by Artist Belin for PROVINCIAL DE JAÉN YOUTH FORUM 2015 “YOUTH AND EQUALITY 3.0” on April 9, Jaén (Spain).
  • Belin with sufferers of Parkinson’s, April 11, held a charity dinner organized by the Provincial Association of Parkinson’s, which came as a guest known muralist Linares, Miguel Ángel Belinchón “Belin”. I did live a happy box being auctioned later. In Linares (Spain).
  • Exhibition at the Art Center “Vincentre” about the different moods of They go Gogh to “STEP IN THE ARENA” is an exhibition of seven works painted live. Nuenen (Netherlands).
  • Performing an approximate 20 meter mural for “Artists4israel” in the city of Netanya (Israel).
  • Sephora signature murals in New York and Los Angeles (USA).
  • Mural for the study of tattoo “High Voltage” Kat Von D. Los Angeles (California).
  • Graffiti exhibition in Salamanca (Mexico).
  • Exhibition of works “Super Heroes in Crisis” at the Arts Center of Guanajuato (Mexico).


  • Guest particularly in contemporary art fair Art 13 Madrid, Madrid (Spain)
  • Individual Exhibition “True and False Superheroes” on Wonderland Gallery, Los Angeles California, (USA).
  • Partcipación primarily in OR PUBLIC ART MUSEUM Rounge Batton, Louissiana, (USA).
  • Individual Exhibition in the gallery of Fernando Latorre “Agora” in Madrid (Spain).
  • Single Expocisioón in 44309 street / art gallery and exhibition of mural Dormunt (Germany).
  • Super-Mural Lempke Eindhoven (Netherlands).
  • Implementation and design Sankeys Sankeys Ibiza and NY.
  • Design and implementation of the overall picture for Space NYC, NY.


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